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Autumn 2020

So what have we been up to during the afternoons?


With the outside space being available and the storage shed easily accessed at the beginning of the term, it was great enjoying the playing field. The tents, cushions and garden chairs made a camp to relax and have refreshments. Favourites to have a go on were the skipping ropes with some children achieving their goals and learning to skip. There was football and more football with plenty of space to get rid of all their energy. Some of the children made windmills and loved running around the field as the sails twirled around.


One of the new toys most used were the variety of shapes and sizes of frisbees we had purchased. All ages enjoyed competing who could go the furthest or highest. This was the number one piece of kit!


Our theme throughout the term for art and craft projects has reflected on how kindness and gratitude makes people feel wanted and happy. We started with gratitude rainbows and what each season the children looked forward to. Winter, no surprise Christmas!


The Chinese celebrate an autumn festival with a rabbit as their mascot, the story tells us how the rabbit was not selfish and for her kindness was made an immortal and went to live with the goddess E in the moon palace. Chinese families take a walk together at night to look at the moon in the autumn. Children drew pictures of their families out for a walk.


The 5th of October was balloon day and the 6th was world smile day both were started by people in the community as symbols of kindness and affection. The children decorated balloons with faces to make us smile and drew faces to show different emotions. We coloured in faces known as emojis and they all knew these were used in texting.


Making spinning tops proved popular. The staff were surprised when the children showed great interest in a compass and they told us they had not seen them before, and don't have them in school. The children requested they would like another project using them.


The Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes, this celebration on the 5th November all the children were keen to share what they knew in group chats. Firework colouring sheets, word searches, pompom bouncing spiders and floppy ghosts were all available for the group to make if they chose. We talked about the firework safety code and the use of sparklers.


The weeks to follow we are paper folding and all about origami, pebble painting and ending the term with Christmas crafts ready for the festivities to start.